How long does milk from the Plant Milk Maker typically last in the fridge?

Depending on the amount of salt added, typically 3-5 days.

Is it necessary to add salt to the milk?

It is not necessary to salt the milk, but it will last longer if you do.

The milk separated overnight. Is this normal?

Some plant-based milk prepared with the Plant Milk Maker don't separate, but some might and that is entirely normal as the milk doesn't contain additives. Just shake it up, and it will be ready to enjoy!

Does the Plant Milk Maker heat the milk?

To get a better flavor and have the right consistency the Plant Milk Maker blends the ingredients and use the surrounding heating to prepare the milk.

Can I make rice or soya milk in the Plant Milk Maker?

Yes, and it doesn't have to be pre-cooked. However, it is advisable to soak it 30 minutes before.  

What quantity of nuts and seeds should I use to make the milk?

For 350ml of water, we recommend using 15-20gr of nuts. 

How much does it cost to make a cup of milk?

If you use the recommended amount of nuts, you’ll be saving about 50-30% versus store bought milk, and getting much richer milk, since store-bought milk is primarily water and additives with a low percentage of nuts. 

How much milk is made in one batch?

350ml is the recommendable amount you should make. 

Do you have to soak the nuts beforehand?

Soaking the nuts is not required but we do recommend using a smart appointment function for ingredients like rice or soya to get a smoother milk.

Can you use just fruit in the Plant Milk Maker?

Yes, and we encourage you to make some juice of it. 

Can you make baby food and paste of it?

Yes, use rice function and to make some tasty paste or baby food.

Can you use hot water in the base of the machine?

It is not necessary to put the hot water as it will get hot eventually. 



How is this different than a blender with a nut milk bag?

The Plant Milk Maker is specialized in making plant-based milk. It simplifies both the milk-making and the cleanup process. You can absolutely make milk in other ways, but hand squeezed milk contains quite a bit more bacteria from your hands (causing faster spoilage) and require more time commitment and effort to clean. Nut milk bags work - if you have a lot of extra time to kill. Milk form Plant Milk Maker doesn't require filtering. 

How do I make the milk thicker?

Add rolled oats along with other ingredients to make the milk thicker.

Can I use a converter to make the 220V version into a 110V version?

Unfortunately not-- anything using a motor cannot be switched out using . converting device.

Should you use the appointment function every time I make milk?

No, the appointment function is only for the food which can be soaked a long time.

Is the Plant Milk Maker dishwasher safe?

No. The Plant Milk Maker should be cleaned by hand with a wet sponge or rag. 

How do I clean my Plant Milk Maker?

Clean the machine when it's cooled down. The automatic cleaning function can only assist the light cleaning and cannot replace the cleaning work. After the function is completed wipe it with clean water or a soft cloth again. 




 How large is the Plant Milk Maker?


What is the Plant Milk Maker machines power usage?

Motor Power: 120W
Heating Power: 600W
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Voltage: 220V

What type of material used for Plant Milk Maker?

We use 304 grade stainless steel to make the Plant Milk Maker. Stainless Steel is the only surface that touches milk inside of the Plant Milk Maker. There is plastic elsewhere in the design, but it does not make contact with the milk.

Where do you ship to?

We ship from Spain to the whole world. 

What is your warranty/return policy?

Please take a look at our Warranty police page.


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