How To Make Raspberry Milk

The process of making Raspberry milk is easy to make, especially when using the Plant Milk Maker for it. 

Ingredients for making your Hazelnut Milk

  • 6 Raspberries 
  • 30gr of nuts you like 
  • 400ml of water
  • Maple or Agave syrup 


Your hazelnuts don't need to be soaked. You can directly start making milk from it.

1st step  - Place Raspberries in Plant Milk Maker. 

2nd Step - Add nuts you choose. 

3rd Step - Fill the Plant Milk Maker base with water.

4th Step - Add your desired sweetener and flavorings.

5th Step - Plug in the Plant Milk Maker and choose the first program (P1) and press start. 

6th Step - Once the END appears on the screen, remove the top half of the Plant

Milk Maker and set aside. Pour the milk into a cup, let it rest in a refrigerator for 3h, and enjoy the delicious results!


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