Milk Recipes

  • How To Make Raspberry Milk

    The process of making Raspberry milk is easy to make, especially when using the Plant Milk Maker for it.  Ingredients for making your Hazelnut Milk 6 Raspberries  30gr of nuts you like  400ml of water Maple or Agave syrup  Instructions Your hazelnuts don't need to be soaked. You can directl... View Post
  • How To Make Hazelnut Milk

    The process of making hazelnut milk is the same for almond or any other nut-based milk. It's easy to make especially when using the Plant Milk Maker for it. View Post
  • How To Make Pistachio Milk

    This Pistachio Milk recipe is super simple to prepare and is filled with protein, antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients. It has a green color, smooth texture, and slightly sweet flavor.  View Post

Plant Milk Maker

Plant Milk Maker transforms any nut, seed, or grain into plant-based milk in 19 minutes. Just add water and mix-ins, and it’s ready to enjoy!

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