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Plant Milk Maker

  • €175,95
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Make delicious and highly nutritious plant-based milk at your own home 🌱

Plant Milk Maker transforms any nut, seed, or grain into plant-based milk in 19 minutes. Just add water and mix-ins, and it’s ready to enjoy!

  • Prevents Packaging Waste 
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      • YOUR CHOICE OF NUTS + WATER Create nutritious milks out of the ingredients you want and nothing else.
      • MIX IT UP More economical than your average store-bought nut milk, with more nutrition in each and every ounce.
      • PLANT-BASED MILK OR PULP With Plant Milk Maker you get milk, pulp, and fully recyclable packaging.

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      Plant Milk Maker Prevents Packaging Waste

      Reduce packaging waste in your daily life by preparing your own milk instead of buying it in from a store.

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      Elegant design

      I didn't doubt that it will work as they said, but the quality was better than expected. Now all my other machines look like plastic toys :) The secret handle is great as it takes less space, and cleaning is very easy. It worths every cent.


      A lot of functions

      As I found out I can't eat any dairy my boyfriend bought me this machine. Didn't know what to expect as I never tried plant milk before. To make the first milk I used suggested recipes and even if I wasn't clear with something their support responds fast over the email. I like the option "Rice" as I get incredibly delicious rice paste. An additional thing that surprised me was a small plastic door on the socket that prevents water or dust to get in.

      Agata JP

      More than a milk making machine

      Easy to use and clean-up and you can do easy experiments with the ingredients that go into these nut milk. I only have a complaint that I can hear it while it is working. It's better than classic food processors, but it could be less noisy.


      Makes tasty milk

      I use this machine at least 3 times a week! It makes the best soymilk and hemp milk in only 19 minutes. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to eliminate all the thickeners, stabilizers and unnecessary sweeteners present in commercial varieties. Perfect for whole foods plant-based lifestyles. Makes pureed soups and juices quickly as well.